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Over the last 2 days team Rotterdam have been…

Muffin baking,
Pancake making,
Banquet preparing,
Brunch hosting,
Church going,
Coffee drinking,
Bible studying,
Friendship making,
Photo boothing,
Tower climbing,
Life speaking
Stronghold breaking,
Outdoor worshipping!

And loving every minute of it.

We see God at work in this city.


This is the new church building in Slavonski Brod. It is just under 45% complete but still looking great. It overlooks where we will be running a Kids Club next week. The weather is set to be thunderous so do pray for nice warm days as it is all outdoors.


One day in the city and one in the countryside and we’ve:
Prayed for peace and painted posts
Had coffee in Caen and cake à la campagne
Seen brokenness and been soaked
Polished pews and worshipped with city views




This evening we practiced our circus skills as the sun set ready for the tomorrow!


We had a wonderful last couple of days training in France before leaving for Livarot, Rotterdam and Slavonski Brod. A big thank you goes out to Martin Young and Josh Dipple for coming over and teaching / leading us in worship!


Walking through the Presqu’ile in Caen, we noticed a crane covered head to foot in rust.
We felt that God was promising a redemption in that place, a renewal of all things.
A lick of white paint over everything, just like our own fence painting.

Rust to redemption.

Mission team on the ball in Caen….


Back along the bless ’b’ I scribbled for a promo postcard made it onto the 2014 bless t-shirt. COOL or wat.

It is printed by Get A Grip Studio and

you can buy one at

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Jake, Quiberon, 2014

The last ten steps….

The end of a 1,000 mile walk.

Pegasus to Paris ended yesterday with the 9 weary walkers who did the last stage trotting merrily into a sunny and beautiful Paris.

Over the 6 days a total of 19 people (and one dog) completed at least one stage of the walk, covering a cumulative 1,565 kilomtres.

That’s 1000 miles walked out of love for Europe and passion for its future.

We began just after dawn with the echoes of the June 6th celebration still strong on the Normandy coast, and we ended in a bustling and busy Paris, a city still thrilling to the freedom 1944 made possible.

Along the way we asked God to Bless ‘the ground beneath our feet’. We prayed for France and for Europe and talked about the meaning of love and freedom in our age. Our hearts were full of the sense of hope that knowing God’s love can bring. We are united in believing that there is a new day dawning for the churches of Europe, and that God is positioning us to play our part in it.

THANK YOU to all those who walked, to those who drove support vehicles and those who cooked and served. And THANK YOU to all who made sponsorship donations. We are close to €5000, with donations still coming in. WILL YOU ADD YOURS - to take us closer to our €10,000 target? You can still give at

or by direct donation to Bless. For details see:

" A church which pitches its tenure without constantly looking out for new horizons, which does not conditionally strike camp, is being untrue to its calling. …[we must] play down our longing for certainty, accept what is risky, and live by improvisation and experiment. "

- Hans Kung, The Church as the People of God (via thelittlewolves)


up to our waist in fundraising


There will come a time, you’ll see / with no more tears / And love will not break your heart / But dismiss your fears / Get over your hill & see / What you find there / With grace in your heart / & flowers in your hair. - Mumford & Sons

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